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The Peace In Ghana 2016 and beyond Campaign is a campaign for a peaceful elections in 2016 which is made up of a Community of People who support Peace In Ghana in 2016 and beyond. This campaign is primarily championed by the Peaceful Character Education Foundation (PCEF), with the support of other NGO's.


As citizens of Ghana it is important for us to live in a country of peace and tranquility. This peace must be realised in all facets of our life, at all levels of our social fabric and in all our institutions including our homes, schools, workplaces and places of worship.


As part of this initiative PCEF is organising a sensitisation and awareness campaign to educate all Ghanaians on how to keep the peace before, during and after the 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Ghana. Every four years, elections are held in Ghana and as the norm for every election is, it will be characterised by a lot of tension that will grip the entire country. If the last elections in 2012 are anything to go by and its aftermath we all know how the nation was gripped by the uncertainty of the elections and the subsequent court case that followed.


PCEF recognises this and is launching a campaign to teach the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program (PSCEP) as the most effective tool or program to sensitise the entire nation on ways to keep the peace of our dear motherland before, during and after the elections in Ghana.


Our peace in Ghana campaign plan is based on 5 Key Pillars.


5 Point Plan for Peace in Ghana 2016 Elections

1. SELF CONTROL: Lets Guide and direct our thoughts, because our thoughts lead to feelings and feelings leads to actions which lead to a POSITIVE outcome or a NEGATIVE outcome.

2. RESPECT: each other’s views and opinions and Respect and Protect property and environment

3. RESPONSIBILITY: All stakeholders should strive to perform their duties appropriately and to the best of their abilities


4. ACCEPTANCE: of election results no matter the outcome5. In all things lets S.T.O.P.: Stop, Think, weigh our Options and Proceed with the right choice. The right choice is a choice that would not bring harm to anybody, to property and to the environment.



Peaceful Character Education Foundation would kindly like to invite everybody to the Peace Walk and Launch of the Peace In Ghana 2016 and beyond campaign.


Program Activities for the Launch is below:


Day 1: Friday, 1st July 2016

Program: Peace Walk - Walk for Peace in Ghana 2016 and beyond

Location: Starts at Circle (EIB Network Park) through Accra and back to Circle(EIB Network Park)

Time: 7:30 am


Day 2: Saturday, 2nd July 2016

Program: Launch of the Peace in Ghana 2016 and beyond and Fundraising

Venue: GNAT (Teachers) Hall

Time: 10am


All are cordially invited. Come one, come all.


Please contact us by any of the means below;






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By Peaceful Character Education Foundation (PCEF)

(Promoters of the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program (PSCEP) in Ghana)


PCEF – Peace through Character Education


Peace in Ghana – One Nation, One People

Together we can make a difference

"Self-Control is the foundation of moral behavior. When you practice self-control you stop and carefully consider whether your thoughts and feelings will lead to actions that are morally correct and in your best interest"

PSCEP, Unit Three-Self-Control