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The National Character Education Quiz (NCEQ) 2018 came on successfully between November 12th and 13th this year which was preceded by a one month in house training for the schools by the Staff of the Peaceful Character Education Foundation (PCEF). For the maiden edition of the quiz we had 9 schools scheduled to participate.

The 9 schools were;

  1. Faithful Grace School
  2. Sky High School
  3. Risingsun Montessori School
  4. Start Rite School
  5. Calvary School
  6. Supreme Standard School
  7. GAEC School
  8. Educare School
  9. Nissi International School

After an exciting 2 days of the schools presenting their solutions to solving important national issues through various means such as drama and poetry Start Rite School emerged winners of the maiden edition of the competition. The 2nd Prize went to Sky High School and the 3rd to Nissi International School.

Congratulations to Start Rite for emerging winners of the maiden edition of the competition and to all the participating schools for an exciting period of sharing great ideas on solving important national issues.

All participating schools and students walked away with great education in the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program (PSCEP) and also assorted prizes from certificates to cash awards and trophies.


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"Self-Control is the foundation of moral behavior. When you practice self-control you stop and carefully consider whether your thoughts and feelings will lead to actions that are morally correct and in your best interest"

PSCEP, Unit Three-Self-Control