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Why Teach Character Development To Parents?

If only babies came with an instruction manual, how easy parenting would be. We would know exactly what to do and say to ensure that our children mature into productive, respectful, caring adults. But parenting is not that easy. A lack of skills and knowledge along with our uncertainties and fears make parenting a process of trial and error.

We live in a society that is overwhelmed with violence and aggression, sexual promiscuity and disrespect for authority, making parenting even more challenging. How can parents in our modern world, filled with negative influences, raise children who are respectful, responsible, compassionate and capable of making moral choices? The Peaceful Solution Character Education Parenting Program will teach parents how to develop specific qualities, skills and methods to help their children attain positive characters despite negative environmental influences.

The Key to Successful Parenting Is In The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program.

Just What Makes A Successful Parent?
Literally thousands of authors, behavioral analysts, psychologists and psychiatrists offer a variety of suggestions and insights as to what makes a successful parent. Many of these sources are primarily child focused in that they give helpful techniques for changing the child's behavior. The Peaceful Solution Character Education Parenting Program has an interactive focus on both parent and child. Emphasis is placed on teaching adults how to maintain positive behavior such as respect, responsibility and self-control in their lives so they can easily model these behaviors for their children. Parents are taught how to create a suitable learning environment for their children as well as how to monitor the influences that threaten the development of a positive character. The child is then given the best opportunity to develop behavioral patterns and social skills to form moral traits. Therefore, successful parents are those who provide the best opportunities for their children to develop positive, moral character by first practicing and making these traits an integral part of their own self-concept and interactions and then setting the stage where those who associate with the child can mirror these same values.

Together we can make a difference

"Self-Control is the foundation of moral behavior. When you practice self-control you stop and carefully consider whether your thoughts and feelings will lead to actions that are morally correct and in your best interest"

PSCEP, Unit Three-Self-Control