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The National Character Education Quiz(NCEQ) is a competition for kids with the aim of teaching the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program(PSCEP) as a tool for positive character development. It’s a project by the Peaceful Character Education Foundation (PCEF).

Being a participant of the NCEQ would give both students and teachers an opportunity to learn diverse ways of building a strong positive character. It presents an opportunity to learn a lot of practical ways to solve common societal and national problems. The School benefits from having young students and teachers alike with strong positive moral values which would have a ripple effect of changing the hearts and minds of not only participants but the entire teacher and student body.

With the NCEQ students and pupils can become directly involved in the propagation of peace as well as train to become Peer Instructors who will go on to teach the simple concepts of the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program to other students and their communities at large. Anybody can complain about the moral decadence, religious crises, community clashes and the corruption plaguing our society. However, those who seek to do something to change the situation for the better are the true leaders.

The NCEQ program of the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program seeks to make such leaders of our younger generation. With students getting actively engaged in positive character development through character education, it is easy to see a brighter future for our nation and indeed our world 10 or 20 years down the line.

As an extra incentive, the winning school/participants shall be awarded and presented with a variety of prizes and made ambassadors of the PSCEP. More details of the great benefits of the PSCEP here.



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"Self-Control is the foundation of moral behavior. When you practice self-control you stop and carefully consider whether your thoughts and feelings will lead to actions that are morally correct and in your best interest"

PSCEP, Unit Three-Self-Control